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Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

Four voices and 88 keys give ludicrous combinationen of pop, jazz, swing, opera and classic. Spread Voice holds everything sacred: ABBA, Bach, van Halen, Schumann, Hancock, Orff, Sting, Gershwin, Puccini, Grieg and peace!

Claudia Deutschmann

// soprano










Claudia Deutschmann
Born in Herford the soprano was educated by Prof. Brigitte Dürrler in Dusseldorf and by Prof. Gerhard Faulstich in Hanover. She was soloist of the Opera House Hanover for ten years. She had guest performances  Deutsche Oper Berlin, Opera Bremen, Deutsche Oper am Rhein Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Kiel, Münster, Oldenburg, Schwerin, Mannheim und Nürnberg, as several festivals and concert tours in Europe. As an oratorio soloist  Claudia Lücking-Deutschmann recorded for  the German radiostation Westdeutscher Rundfunk. She was part of several world premieres.  a.o.: „Das Schloss“ by Aribert Reimann.

Claudia Deutschmann Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

Mylène Kroon

// mezzosoprano










Originally from the Netherlands, Mezzo Soprano Mylène Kroon studied a Bachelors in Classical Singing at the ArtEZ Conservatory, before moving to Germany to study a Masters degree specializing in Opera at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold with Caroline Thomas and Lars Woldt. During her studies she also started performing Jazz repertoire and studied Jazz singing as a complementary subject with Gabriela Koch.

Mylène Kroon regularly performs Oratorio, Opera and Lied repertoire as a soloist across Germany and Europe. She is also engaged in Jazz ensembles and collaborates often on projects with new compositions. Furthermore, Mylène is the founder, vocalist and composer of Jazz ensemble Myèlene Kroon & Maesters.

Mylène has followed masterclasses with a.o. Barbara Hannigan, Neil Semer, Jean-Ronald Lafond, Barbara Schlick and Alison Pierce.

Mylène Kroon Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

Georg Thauern

// tenor bariton










Born in Höxter the tenor-bariton Georg Thauern studied singing at the Leopold-Mozart-conservatorio in Augsburg educated by "Kammersängerin" Dorothea Chryst.

Stations of his carreer are „Süddeutsche Kammerchor“, Vokalquartett „Drops“ and his »Thauern Trio«. He sang the title role in the musical in „Ludwig II – Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies“ at the musical theatre Neuschwanstein.

His repertoire comprises songs and arias of the baroque, classic, romantic up to american musicals (Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers, Kern).

Georg Thauern sang on concert tours in Monaco, Milano, Bergamo, Bergamo, Stockholm, Savonlinna, Warsaw, Krakow and Stettin, St. Omer, San Christóbal de La Laguna/Teneriffa, Quincy/USA and Kitchener/Kanada.

Georg Thauern Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

Gunnar Deutschmann

// Bass & arrangements










The bass-baritone Gunnar Deutschmann studied opera singing at "Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien" Hanover educated by Prof. Gerhard Faulstich. As a soloist he performed at the Opera House Hanover and the Teatro Calderon de Barca Valladolid, Spain. As a concert soloist he followed invitations Finland, Latvia, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. As a composer, arranger and singer he gave destinction to the vocal ensemble „Jacqueline Kroll“. Appearance of radio and TV performances a.o.: Das Erste, ZDF, NDR, SWF, Deutsche Welle, Sat1, SfB, WDR, RSH as well as concerts at Thalia-Theater Hamburg, Schauspielhaus Hannover; Unterhaus Mainz, Theater der Wühlmäuse and Bernhard-Theater, Zurich. His composing includes singer-songwriting up to symphonical works. In 2000 his composition the lunatorio „Mondblüten“ for large orchestra, choir, organ and soloists had it world premiere while the world exhibition in Hanover.

Gunnar Deutschmann Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

Eckhard Wiemann

// Piano


The pianist Eckhard Wiemann studied in Hanover at Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, in Paris at Dominique Merlet and in Colognen at Aloys Kontarsky. Beside his teaching at the university of Paderborn he gives concerts as soloist and accompanist. He focuses song accompaniment specialy for Chanson, jazz and pop. Eckhard Wiemann composes and arranges in interdisciplinary projects like musical, dancing, and crossover as well as incidental music. He is the accompanist of the actress Carolin Karnuth, Berlin, as well as of the vocal trio Silkship.

Eckhard Wieann Spread Voice Acappella

photo: Jürgen Finkhäuser

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